Friday, September 6, 2013

You make talk of fashion's leader--
Paint her finer than a queen,
And try to make our lowly lot
And lowly living mean;
But I tell you, sir, the fairest
And the best that I have seen,

Were common men and women,
Used to humble work and ways;
Doing what was right and honest
Without favor, without praise,
Lighting up the night behind them
Withe the brightness of their days.

There is one that shines upon me
From the mists of memory--
A woman with the weakness 
Of a woman, it may be; --
And naught to me are social queens
While earth holds such as she!

her homespun sleeve is more to me 
Than all your bordered trains;
For in the blessed realm of love
She sweetly rules and reigns.

You may follow fashion's fancy
But I pray you, have the grace
To leave the little, homely house,
And flowery garden-place,
And the window with the sunshine
Of this dear, remembered face!

You may follow fashion's fancy 
But I pray you, leave to me
The chair there in the corner, 
Just the way it used to be,
And the dear devoted mother,
With her children on her knee.

Author Unknown

I'll have an update up here for you soon! 

For the Kingdom,


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