Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How I Got to New York (Part 2)

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This evening I was dancing around the kitchen to music and it hit me just how crazy that was. I haven’t been one to hugely reflect on being sick, because I’ve put all my new healthy energy into living again.

But then every once in a while, the remembering hits. And it’s a tidal-wave. Three years ago right now, I was hardly surviving. I was sleeping every minute I could, my brain stopped recalling information, and I started experiencing partial seizures. One day I wrote this list of things that were difficult for me. Some were: climbing stairs, opening Ziplock bags, and opening windows. I wore the clothes that took the least energy to maneuver in. In high school, I carried around an entire backpack full of medicine and somehow had to fit seven doses into a day.

The thing is that I didn’t just pop up here. I didn’t just appear back in Virginia with a professional writing contract, an internship with Hartline Literary Agency, and a healthy body. I didn’t just get to start school and decide to work four different jobs in an industry that I love. I mean, I did. But I didn’t at first. At first, it wasn’t supposed to be possible.

The thing is that—three years ago—even after all that medicine, my body still fell short. It still didn’t work.

… and that’s part of the story I haven’t really told yet.

We spent over two years doing experimental treatment, and after those two years, my test results came back with hardly any improvement. Shortly after turning nineteen, I walked into my doctor’s office as chronically ill home-girl teenager who wanted to live in her home state forever. And then I walked out with a document that said, “Get as far away from Virginia as you can or spend the rest of your life sick.”

In three days, I left my house. I was told never to come back.

In three months, I left the state. I was told never to come back here, either.

Taking a gamble for my health, I left my family, friends, mountains, town, job, and everything I’d ever known.

Then I moved to a town I’d never visited to live with a family I’d never met. And getting better was a 50/50 chance. 

That’s how I got to New York.



  1. I'm so, so thankful that you're healed now!! Your story is seriously amazing. <3

  2. Ohhh thank you for sharing!!!!!
    Much love,