Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Day of Big Dreams

Today's been the kind of day that needs a lot of deep breaths. It's my first Sunday here in Virginia since moving on Wednesday, and homesickness is hitting me pretty hard. My room is still piles of clothes and boxes, I have a cold, and somehow I still seem to be freezing despite many layers of blankets, sweatshirts, and socks. I'm starting a new job tomorrow that I'm so thankful for -- but I'm also having car trouble. So I'm nervous about even getting there. In some ways, it seems like there's a lot against me. But I know there's a lot for me, too.

Just when I was getting pretty down, I noticed this. It was written one year ago today, after I experienced a period of creative silence. It was me, three years after signing my book contract, finally beginning to hash out how I felt about everything. How I felt about waiting three years for publication, and how I felt about the future of my story.

I've worked out a lot of things since that post. When I wrote it, I wasn't expecting to. I wasn't expecting to have answers now. But here we are. I'm going to tell you about those answers soon. If you're signed up for my newsletter, you might already know some of them. I'm going to tell you about where I'm going, what I'm doing, who I'm working with, and what in it for the future of Reaching Home. But all you need to know right now is that a year later, I'm sitting in a cold Virginia bedroom and I'm here to chase my writing dreams.

In the post, I referenced today as a day of "big dreams and bright stars." It's the day I signed my book contract. The day that I finally thought I could start chasing being a writer. Here I am four years later, four years older, unpacking boxes, driving a dying car, living in a new town (again!) and all because I'm still after that dream. Still succeeding, little by little. Still dedicating my life to this.

It's not going the way that I would have planned necessarily. But one of the things that I love about dreams is that they're so strong, so important, and so passionate that we are willing to do all the hardest things to make them possible.

Yeah, it's tough.

It's t o u g h.

But it's possible.

So here we go...

To the day of big dreams and bright stars. 



  1. You're living in Virginia? I've been there a couple times, and in fact two of my brothers live there (used to be all three until recently).

    I can't imagine moving to somewhere completely unfamiliar (especially as an introvert who still hungers for community). I hope you're able to settle down and make it home for however long you're there.

    Sometimes I wonder what I would actually do to pursue the gifts God has given me. It's a scary thought to me.

    Anyway, thanks for the follow, Stephanie! =)

    1. Aww, somehow I missed this comment! Thank you so much, Meaghan. It's been so nice getting to know you little by little.

      Dreams are one of my favorite things. I'm confident in you and I know you'll do as the Lord leads, no matter the cost. You'll be great at whatever dream you choose to pursue. <3