Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cover Reveal: Where Dandelions Grow by Lydia Howe

Hi all! Welcome.

This is my first cover reveal ever, and I'm super happy that it gets to be for Lydia. A few years ago, Lydia and I emailed back and forth about our experiences with Lyme Disease. She had suffered from the illness for multiple years and was just beginning to get better. I was really sick, though. I will never forget how much her encouragement meant to me during those dark days. She even sent me a "get well soon" package with fuzzy socks and a notebook. This girl is gold.

Anyway... to the cover reveal!

Where Dandelions Grow is Lydia's newest novel. It's set to release in ebook on September 26th! The book is available for pre-order through Amazon at this link and only costs $0.99! Here's the blurb:

Cousins are forever, or at least they’re supposed to be.

What happens when your world falls apart and your dreams are mocked by those closest to you?

Destiny’s idyllic childhood full of laughter and cousins abruptly ended when her mom uprooted the family to move them across the country with strict instructions to never talk about Swallow Ridge again. Eleven years later Destiny moves back to her hometown, determined to find her cousins… and answers.

Plagued by generations of bitterness and manipulation, Destiny hides her life-long goal - unwilling to let anyone else trample her fragile dreams. But living in the cozy town full of dandelions teaches Destiny there’s more to life than what she’s been taught.

Is it possible Swallow Ridge not only holds the answers Destiny so intensely searches for, but also the hope?

... and the cover!

Congratulations, friend! So beautiful.

Lydia is hosting a giveaway here that you should absolutely enter. Also, be sure to check out her blog. I love reading up on all her travels and adventures!  

Let's send Lydia some love! What do you think of her cover? Is there a blogger in your life who has blessed you during a difficult time?



  1. Aww! This post made me so happy! Thank you SO MUCH, Stephanie, for writing such a sweet post! I'm so glad we get to be blogging friends. :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm glad we got to be blogger friends, too. I'm wishing you all the luck on your release.