Wednesday, July 13, 2016

These are Some Things I Love

These are some things I love:

I love big skies, purple, golden, blue, and filled with fluffy clouds.
I love calligraphy and watercolor paints, and when the two arts are mixed together on paper with flowers.
I love calm music, sad music, guitars and pianos together and scripture in songs.
I love when it rains, so much.

I love to had my window open, and I love light in the morning.
I love mountains when they're blue in the summertime, and fuzzy in the winter.
I love road trips because they excuse listening to music for eight hours, and because you can watch trees.
I love making food, because it's like edible art.
I love harvesting potatoes, because when you pull them out of the earth you feel strong, and when you dig for them, it's like finding treasure.
I love having energy, the feeling of accomplishment, and having a productive day.
I love feeding kittens and holding babies.

I love watering flowers and picking them.
I love how it feels to read books again after a session of medicine.
I love the sound a strawberry stem makes when you snap it off.
I love the shape of birds when you draw them.
I love when I dream of flying.

I love when God's Word calms me down.
I love when my family prays before dinner.
I love walking in the dirt without shoes.
I love the word "kindness" and the idea of grace.
I love days when I feel like myself.



  1. Aw, all of these are so lovely! I too love road trips and potatoes and cats (although not babies), and also have a special fondness for grace! And, the days where you really like yourself are the absolute best. :) This was such a nice thing to read to give my mood a boost.