Monday, February 8, 2016

When I Was Nineteen...

When I was nineteen...

* I visited seven new states.
* I got a job writing for the newspaper, and saw my first article in print.
* I drove from Virginia to New York and back, twice on my own.
* I bought my first car.
* I messed up a lot.
* I said "goodnight," and "I love you."
* I said goodbye.
* I moved 600 miles from home to stay with a family I'd never met.
* I trained employees, and learned how to make a roux.
* I got addicted to Jason Bourne
* And laughed a bunch.
* I prepared for my first book release.
* I learned to play octa-ball and "kam jam".
* I bought a lot of coffee
* Sang a lot of songs
* And went to the hospital for the first time.
* I lived at a summer camp.
* I went to a lot of yard sales.
* I breathed spring air
* Lived on berries for a week
* Picked dandelions.
* I toured Chicago for a day, and drove through Indianapolis.
* I slept a lot.
* I made new friends
* Decided to like pizza.
* I heard a thousand new songs
* Dreamed.
* I learned to like the word "adventure."
* I beat Lyme Disease.

When I was nineteen, a lot off things occurred that cannot be written in ink. But that's okay. There's a beauty in having to keep one or two items hidden away from the world's eyes, covered over in the ivy of a secret garden.

And dandelions are nice to remember.



  1. I LOVE JASON BOURNE <3 Matt Damon is speaking at commencement at my school this year.

  2. <3 <3 and you were talking about visiting me?! :) hehe. I miss you!