Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Little Bit o' Life and a Whole Lot of Broken Links

A tornado came to the land of the free, and I flew away with it. All that's left of me are a few strands of long, twisty hair and one of my shoelaces.

Or, that's what it feels like, being gone so long.

Hi, guys.

*insert awkward pause*

Not…really…sure…what to say here.

…Do you want to know about life?

I started a job at a local (mold-free, for those of you interested) bookstore three months ago, and that has been the greatest reason for my absence. Other than that, my time has been spent buying books from said store (so much for that paycheck business), pecking away at a novel of my own, taking no action whatsoever concerning the newsletter I’m supposed to be writing, and hanging out with super lovely people who probably don’t want to be written about on the internet.

Additionally, I built a website once upon a time… (have you seen it?) and am officially a user of Instagram and Snapchat (*squeaks!*) I will gladly blow up your feed, if you so desire: @stephiekehr

Just kidding. I should probably take classes in the social media art, because I am failing miserably. What do I take pictures of, anyway? It isn’t going to be my lunch! But I’d still be thrilled if you follow me. It might even make my day. I’m easily entertained.

Otherwise, I’m really, truly working on (i.e., thinking about, possibly two paragraphs into) that modesty article I promised eons ago. I already failed those New Year’s resolutions I never made, and I forgot how much in love I am with Audrey Assad’s music. Rice cakes are the bomb. Does everyone have forty unfinished word documents for the month of January, or is that just me? Isn’t Lent coming up soon? How many of you are celebrating that?

Because of the website change, all my links are broken now. Heh. Whoops! If you’re looking for something particular and links aren’t working out for you, please feel free to email me directly. Or, if you’re super techy and genius, just insert “” to the address you already have. I'll try to fix everything eventually... :D Sound good?

Happy Sunday!



  1. I noticed that the link wasn't working...I just refollowed you and it worked! lol

    1. Oh, really? Wow... :D I'm sure there's an easy way to fix it, I just haven't figured out what that is, yet...:) Thanks, Maggie!

  2. Your website looks great, and I look forward to the modesty article. Also looking forward to Lent, and Easter, and the Easter food, in particular. :) Thanks for the update!

  3. Haha. I'm not sure if I have enough pics for Instagram. Your website looks really nice though. :)

    Stori Tori's Blog

  4. This website of yours looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what other articles you post, (including that modesty one). I'm looking forward to Easter....not so much Lent. I always try my best to give up something I love, like Cadbury's chocolate or Coca Cola, but I break mid-way and then have to start all over again!
    Anyways, I have a blog too if you want to check it out. It's relatively new and I'm a newbie to the whole blogging scene, so sorry if it isn't up to a high standard!