Thursday, December 11, 2014

How I Started Blogging

Let's be real. My how-I-started-blogging story isn't spectacular. Actually, it's not even interesting. But because a super cool, sweet-hearted blogger (shout out to Heather!) went to all the trouble to e-mail me requesting this post... here's the somewhat shabby story of a teen girl's journey and decision to start Musings of a Creative Spirit.

My best friend, Anna, originally got me into the art of blogging. It was the newest thing, and popular when we were in our pre and early teens. Even though I'm fairly certain we were the only ones who ever read each other's blogs, it was fun to share pictures and life notes. It helped us keep in touch, living so far away. 

(Even though this is mega embarrassing, and most of the posts have been removed by now...this is my first blog.) 

As most bloggers start out, design was Anna's and my main focus. Writing and actually posting... was just a (once every two years) added bonus.

As I got older, I started digging deeper into blogs, designs, the art of computer technology, and all that jazz. A year or two later, using pen names, two friends and I started a blog together. That was when I first became serious about design and writing. 

Though neither of those blogs are particularly "important" to my life now, I love looking back at them and realizing how much God was preparing me for the time when I would actually need a blog. 

When that time came in February of 2013, I'd already (thank goodness!) gone through most of the experimentation of blogging. I knew where to start, and how (hopefully) to keep a schedule. 

My writing tutor and I were going through the first edits of Reaching Home back in early 2013, with an aim to publish. She had a lot of confidence in me, and was convinced that at some point in my life, I would become a published author. We just had to take the steps to get there. The first two things on my to-do list were to 1) finish edits, and 2) start a blog. 

I was so hesitant, because I knew quite well how much work keeping up a blog could really be, and how much I'd failed at it in the past. But I'm so glad I took everyone's advice. Writing, documenting, and encouraging here has meant so much to me.

In its full and beautiful essence of taking people's advice, that's basically the story of how I started blogging. My journey of learning what and how to write here is a longer story, and focuses a great deal more on the leading of the Holy Spirit, as well as finding contentment during times when I don't feel Him prompting me to write anything. Those time are hard. Focusing on what it means to be genuine with the people who only see me as a face on a screen, and not leaning on my feeble understanding of, "If I don't post three times every week, people are going to stop reading."

As much as I love to take the advice of Michael Hyatt, I've learned the King has better things for me. Marketing isn't so important to a writer as I used to think.



  1. I love, love, love the last paragraph that is a great reminder about sometimes we don't need to post anything on our blogs! I like to try to post a lot on my blog but lately havn't had much to post! Love you and miss you Stephanie!

    1. I'm the same way, Maggie! I haven't posted much here lately. Hoping that's up for a change soon! Love and miss you, too!

  2. Well let me say this—I don't think your story is shabby at all! I really, really, really do actually love these stories, and I'm sure it was good for you. Occasionally we need to share our mega-embarrassing old blogs. XD Thanks for sharing the full story, and for the shout-out as well. :)

    1. Aw, you're welcome, Heather! Thanks for giving me the opportunity!