Sunday, November 2, 2014

Playing 20 Questions

Are you in school? What are you planning to do with your life? 

Pretty much everyone asks those questions, right? They want to learn about you. (We're interesting, fellow college students! Woo-hoo!) But those questions can get...annoying. Especially if, by answering them, you receive an onslaught of brand-new questions.

Me (sounding overly-rehearsed, because I answer this all the time): I went to college for two years, but have taken this year off to pursue full-time writing and better health.  

Them: You mean... YOU'RE A WRITER?  

Them (thinking): She's going to starve to death writing Dear Annie columns while murdering that health on ramen noodles! ...Let's make sure she's legit by playing 20 questions! 

Are you planning to publish your book?


Can I buy it? When will it be available for purchase?

I'm hoping for June of this year *fingers crossed*

Did you go with a real publisher? Like, do you get paid to write novels, or do you have to dish out money?

I did go with a real publisher, and I do get paid to write.

When it comes out, where can I access a copy? 

Basically anywhere on the web. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian book stores. You can come to a book signing and buy a copy, or pick one up at a book store if you're local.

Will you sign it for me? 

Sure thing! 

So... how did you end up with a publishing contract? Like... did you send publishers your manuscript? 

More often, you'll send a query letter first. If the publishing company likes the query and story plot you present, they ask for the first three chapters. Some will want an entire synopsis of the story (something that gives away beginning, middle, ending, plot twists, etc.) while others will ask for a one-liner. If they think your first three chapters are worth backing financially, they'll ask to see the entire manuscript.

Speaking of one-liners, do you have one? If so, what is it?

I do have a one-liner. A dissatisfied teenager searches for a place to belong after leaving the only home she ever loved. 

What's the book's title? 

Reaching Home.

When will it have a cover? What will it look like? 

Oh, come on. I don't give away secret designs. Besides, I'm not making it. My publisher designs my cover. Yeah, I know what images might be on it and what design it's probably going to have, but.... :) I should have the complete cover sometime in the next few months, and maybe you'll get to see it early.

What genre does your book fall under? 

Contemporary YA fiction.

What's it about?

It's a small town story. I'd say more....but...heh. You can read lots about it on this blog!

Where can I read more of your writing?

Right here. :) It's the best place! If you don't like to check back ('cause it can be a pain...), you can type your e-mail into the box on the right sidebar and you'll get an update every time I post something. The post will appear perfectly in your inbox, and you won't ever have to use the website.

If I give you my e-mail address, will you send me the link to your novel so I can buy it?

....maybe? Keep in mind I still have eight months (at least!) until this book comes out. Hard as I try, it's going to be difficult for me to remember who wanted me to e-mail them. I will send out a mass e-mail, yes, but the best way to secure that you'll get a copy is to follow this blog (by e-mail or through google), or to follow me on social media.

Will you tell me when it releases?

I'll try!

Can I guest on your blog sometime? 

Definitely! Just shoot me an email.

How long have you been writing?

Uhm, just a couple of years. I hated writing up until my last year in middle school. By high school I loved it.

Did you ever take special classes? 

Not really. I'm mostly self-taught. I took a creative writing class from a local published author pretty early on, and she was the one who encouraged me to write seriously. Later on, she helped me get Reaching Home ready to send to the publishers.

Do you have, like, a real job? 

Personally, I feel like being an author in your teens is a real job, and it requires a great deal more talent and effort than working at Subway. But if you'd like to ask me if I have a desk job, yes. I'll have one tomorrow.

I'm legit. You're welcome. Continue with life. 



  1. Personally I'm still in school, so I get questions like 'what do you do on your weekend', to which I reply 'write' and then I get questions like 'do you mean, like, books?' and I go, 'yes, I've written some first drafts' then they ask to read them.
    It's so cool that you are going to have your book published! And that you also have a desk job.

    Totally legit :)

    1. *laughs* definitely! Thank you! And isn't it hard telling people they can't read your book? :P

  2. Whoa. You're totally adorable! :D This is a cool blog. Keep up the cute posting! :)
    - Ryan Butters