Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Modesty is a Thing of my Past and Grace is the Hope of My Future {Introduction}

I know women who could make a living talking about modesty. They’ve interviewed all the guys, they’ve done the sit down, stand up, do a split, stretch test on every pair of jeans they own, they’ve read all the verses, written all the articles. They are bound and determined to pump up an army of girls who can fight for the purity of their brothers.

Sounds pretty legit, right?

In fact, I’m going to start out with the legitimacy of this idea.

Girls, I’m about to go into some pretty deep stuff. But before I do, I want you to hear me loud and clear: our brothers are immensely important to us. Our brother’s purity is immensely important to us. Our brother’s hearts are immensely important to us.

Do you hear me yet? We love our brothers. We should pump up an army of souls who can fight for the purity of our brothers. Got it? Okay, good.

But today, we’re not going to talk too much about our brothers. We’re actually going to talk about us. Yes, this is a modesty article for you. This is a modesty article for your heart.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s cause to cheer! We get modesty articles written to us all the time, but how often do we get modesty articles written for us? Not so very often, I’d say.

*hosts a private three-second jam session*

But in order to do this, we’ve got to get into some dirty stuff. Roll up your sleeves, girls, and show me some bravery. Let’s dive right in!

If you’ve talked with me personally, you probably know how much I haven’t really wanted to delve into the modesty topic lately. I wear skirts the majority of the week, however, and when people see the way I dress, they often come up to me asking for tips, writing, or advice for their daughters and students who just can’t seem to let go of those low necklines.

Years ago, I probably would have jumped at the chance to give advice. Getting to talk to a skinny-jean wearing girl about how we can fulfill the call of God and protect our brother’s purity by wearing better clothes? Yes, please!

Today, however, I’m not so sure.

When I see someone (man, woman, writer, or speaker) forcing and pressuring a young girl to dress modestly, there’s a good chance I probably don’t want anything to do with it. There’s also a good chance I’ll make it a priority to seek that particular girl out later on…to be sure that she hears about grace and love, too, not just long shorts and high necklines.

Do I think dealing with immodestly dressed girls is important? Yeah.

But is it enough to validate the tears, grief, anguish, and stress I see leaking out of the sweet young hearts? In fact, is this battle for modesty really worth the anger, confusion, sin, and lies floating around in your heart?

That’s what I’m trying to find out.

**Full Article Coming Soon**


  1. I can't wait to read the rest of this article.

    1. I can't wait to write the rest of this article! It's been bugging me all week.... :)

      Thanks, Emily!

  2. This is a really good article,Stephanie:) U might now know me but i do u! lol on of my sisters went to a girls sleepover with u and ur sister at the Andersons!! {I'm not sure u went,though}

    1. Hi!

      Can you leave a name or pen name so I know who you are?

      Mmm. That was a long time ago! I'm going to have to ask Laurie about the Anderson's, because I don't even honestly know if we're thinking of the same thing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm curious to see what you write next. The topic of modesty has only really come up once or twice within my life, so it's never mattered much. Still, I like seeing different perspectives in other realms of the church.

    1. I'm curious to see what I write next, too, Heather! Ha ha :) (Just kidding - I've already started writing, and I *think* I know where I'm going with it...) Aren't different perspectives fun?!

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  4. OOh! Now you're keeping me in suspense! :O Can't wait to read the rest, Stephanie!

    1. Hehe, so sorry for the suspense! I can't wait to finish writing it! Really needs to happen... :D