Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life Lately

How long has it been? Maybe we should reintroduce ourselves…

*shakes hand*

Hi, I’m Stephanie! Yeah, that annoying blogger who’s always apologizing for neglecting her webpage? That would be me. But I'm going to twist things up a bit today, and change the stereotype...I’m not planning to apologize.

(You have no idea how much self-control it took to write that sentence without adding a “sorry” to the end of it. I’m not planning to apologize, sorry.)

Since we’re just getting to know each other, there’s probably something you should learn about me. I am an over-thinker, and I apologize for stupid things. 

Today, however, with effort to be normal and a determination not to over-think where I shouldn't, I'm just not going to apologize.

I’m not sorry for making you wait a week. In fact, I’m quite glad I haven’t posted. My past couple days have been fantastical, and not having to worry about a blog post...helped make them fantastical.

There, I said it.

Yes, you can judge me.

What’s been going on that’s so fantastical? And why in the world am I using the word “fantastical”?

Well… I don’t have what you’d call a good answer, but it’s 37 minutes past 12:00am, and in my opinion, at this time of day...vocabulary is irrelevant.

Heck, I’d even use words like….


(See how I’m digressing?)

Anyway, I was planning to talk about life…or something like that.

Life’s been treating me pretty fabulously. Since health is kind of a thing here, I guess I should first let you know that I was taken off of antibiotics a little over a month ago (woo-hoo!) and I'm getting better. After being atomic-bombed by those nasty little freak-pills for fourteen months, being off feels pretty great.

Or should I say....fantastical?

That’s the upside. The downside is that my hormones are pretty crazy whacked right about now, and I am totally not myself.

Ooo, so that’s why she’s writing words like “fantastical” and blaming horrific vocabulary on the time of night.


Besides the hormone craze and my total lack of genuine personality (for which I also blame the time of night--without apology), my health has been on the rise, making my days quite sweet. This past weekend may have possibly been the best weekend of my life. Silly (stupid?) thing to say, I know. Even sillier (and immature—*squeaks!*) when you find out why.

I actually got to be a teenager this weekend. 

On Friday, I took a friend out to a local pie shop and splurged on chocolate brownie pie. Yes, it was amazing. 

No regrets. 
No apology.
...I ate chocolate muffins, too. 

We walked around the mall a time, and toured a craft shop. We drove home in the pouring rain, and stayed up far later than any chronically ill patient should ever stay up…(when she’s not sick, that is). Saturday morning, we woke up early to go shoot guns in the freezing cold (did I just say that...out loud...on the internet?). I expected to be so dead by the end of that venture, but I wasn’t! In fact, I had more energy than my comrade!

(shout-out to Laura for being super cool)

I had been invited to attend another event after shooting on Saturday, but had originally declined, because I thought I’d be too tired.

….Plot twist!....

I wasn’t that tired! (I have adrenaline, guys!!!) So, we hopped in the car again and drove to the movies to meet up with friends. And that was when I, like a true teenager, spent $11.00 on a movie I wasn’t even the least bit interested in seeing (Well…that’s…most…movies….) and had a blast doing it.

Yeah, I guess this one will have to go down in the books…

I still wasn’t tired. I went out to eat with them (and spent more money...*gasps*), and up until the end, I didn’t even get sick.

Is this real life?

There was one tiny streak where I went downhill, but it was so little compared to that day, it doesn't even matter. When we got home from dinner, I took a shower and we stayed up late…again.

The next morning, I got up early once more, and went to watch kids. Crazy. Another full day in which I didn’t get home from church until 3:00, and I was still on two feet.

That was my weekend, yo. Do I sound too enthusiastic? Excited? Crazed? 

....are you afraid of me now?....

I’ve never been allowed to have a full weekend or be a teenager like that. It hasn’t been an option for me….until now.

That's all.

Talk about something other than health now, okay?


Today I’ve been applying for jobs, which has been fun. I can’t lie, creating a resume was actually really entertaining. Hopefully it’ll land me a position…somewhere.

Somewhere? You mean, like, Somewhere Genuine? Yeah, I’ve been working on that, too. More to come on that in the near future, my dears! Meanwhile, I'd super appreciate it if you decide to follow Somewhere, a blog with :)

My favorite (only) cousin in the world was born this past week, and she is beautiful—totes adorbs—gorgeous—dazzling—delightful—charming—a sweetheart—I’m kind of in love. 

It's October 8th, and NaNoErs (I just created that term myself... *toggles eyebrows*) are on the rise! I've decided to participate for sure and certain this year, and I am very excited! If you're planning to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year, we should totally be friends. Drop your username in the comments or something, or search "Kingsdaughter," which I'll talk more about NaNoWriMo later, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about. Seems to be a theme in this post... 

And, lastly, my hormones are really whacked (as previously mentioned, like, twice) so for the four…five…eight…people who are currently not on speaking terms with me, I apologi—uhm—actually, I don’t apologize, because y’know what? It’s valid. I mean, it’s not very nice to bite people’s heads off (nor is it a hobby I seek to pursue in the future), but it’s also not actually easy living with 2% of said-fifty-character-hormone-required-to-keep-individual-sane. 

So maybe I’ll take a moment…and not blame myself, even if that is blasphemously un-Baptist-like. Next time, I’ll recognize it’s a hormone thing. Next time, I’ll try, and I’ll pray…and I guess that’s all we can ask.

And next time, you won’t push my buttons.


Just kidding. I’m on speaking terms with everyone.* I love you guys!

*except for that freak individual who sent me pictures of a live person’s shredded-down-to-the-bone leg earlier this week…You know who you are, and YOU ARE LOOKING TO DIE, MY FRIEND.



  1. XD This made me laugh! It's good to see you excited. And good job eating pie and muffins. That's the sort of behavior I can only congratulate. :)

    1. Glad to hear there was laughter. :) And thanks, Heather! It tasted amazing.

  2. I'm glad you both had such a good time!