Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Isaac Church :: Beginning of The End

Vultures chew the carnage
Flap around the corpses 
Death and judgment come 
Riding on black horses 
Kingdoms from the east 
In such a large array 
Xerxes's horde was nothing 
Compared to this display 
John said they are coming 
He said "prepare the way" 
But a way for evil comes 
Before we pass away 

The chosen people fight 
Surrounded on all sides 
While prisoners from the USA 
Are left alone to die 
As global elite take power 
And the Nations stand United 
Your waxen candles of your faith 
Should finally be lighted 
Ask about the Americans 
Forsaken in Benghazi 
Ask about the FEMA camps 
And about the Illuminati 

Ask about the reestablishment 
Of Kingdoms such as Rome 
Daniel told of prophecies 
We could not have known 
Ask about the recreation 
Of wicked Babylon 
By a man - Saddam Hussein 
Known as Satan's spawn 
Ask about the world 
And look up at the moon 
Repent of all your evilness 
The Judge is coming soon! 

Ask about the temple 
Ask about the plans 
Ask your dearest friends 
If they are saved or damned 
Ask about the sanctifying 
With extinct Red Heifer ash 
Ask the American farmers 
Raising one for Israel fast 
Ask about the anointing oil 
Lost but now located 
Everything all but in place 
As if it's coordinated 

Ask about the ELS 
Encoded in the scripture 
Ask about the references 
To the holocaust and Hitler 
Ask the statisticians 
Who calculated the odds 
That throughout history mankind's pain 
Was there - "the Word was God"! 
The Word of God unfeasible! 
He cried out in secret text 
In such a way that's mathematically 
Impossible to be correct 

Ask about the Cross 
About the burial place 
Ask about but don't forget 
There are others with a faith 
Ask about the warriors 
Committed to the Qur'an 
Ask about the book of Surah 
The Jihad of Islam 
Ask about the bombers 
And speak to those who doubt 
These are not the radicals 
These are the devout 

The kingdom from the East 
Will dry up the Euphrates 
And Daniel says when they draw near 
We're closer then to Hades 
Ask about the birth rate 
Of males who are Chinese 
Ask about their highway 
Being built for warring ease 
Ask about the other kingdoms 
Nebuchadnezzar's dreams 
Ask about the prophecies 
And what these things all mean 

This is our generation 
The fig tree and its roots 
The battle has begun 
So let us bear some fruit 
The harvest is upon us 
The vineyard looks so bare 
What if He comes and finds us 
Caught up in these snares? 
So ask about the Judgement Day 
And the King upon His throne 
But before you ask about The End 
Ask about your own.

Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.
Luke 21:28 [ESV]

Isaac is an eighteen-year-old renaissance man, freelance mischief-maker, and born again believer in Jesus Christ. In between taking college classes and writing, he also enjoys reading, drawing, playing Ultimate, singing, listening to music, star-gazing, and contemplating reality. Being prone to explore as many creative ventures as he can find, Isaac has developed a wide range of meager skills with which to prove the world absolutely nothing, but which provides him extreme entertainment and distraction from doing what he should be doing at the time. Isaac accidentally appreciates those who strive to be more real than those who go with the flow. To read more from his pen, you can visit Isaac's blog here. 

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