Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Heart Condition

thump. thump. thump.

The Symptoms:

* You could make some guesses, but you aren’t really 100% sure how it feels to be a new creature.

* You sit up in bed at night, wondering secretly if “the prayer” didn’t work for you. Maybe you’re not going to heaven.

* Other people get super excited about Jesus, and you wonder why. Yeah, I guess He’s pretty great, but…

* Theology, rules, doctrine…darling, you’ve got it down. You could debate your pastor and come out on top. But there’s a hole. In this world of fantastic, intriguing theology, and perfect-life-if-you-follow-the-rules, you know there’s something…missing.

* When your pastor shares the gospel, you always feel a tugging to raise your hand or go forward. But that’s silly, you already got saved.

* You like the scriptures well enough, but you aren’t really in love with them.

* You believe in Jesus, but you don’t feel like you know Him.

* You know in your spirit that you’re not saved…but it’s too frightening to think about. You could never admit it to yourself, or to anyone else.

The Remedy:

* Admit it to yourself… you know in your spirit when you're not saved.

* Don’t hide in fear, shame, or dismissal…go directly to God.

* Continue seeking. The Bible says, “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.” That’s a promise. Live peacefully in that promise. If you continue seeking, you will find.

* Understand that salvation is not in the words you say or the works you do. Salvation is a regeneration (or rebirth) of your heart…from old to new. Dark to light. It has nothing to do with the words you say or don’t say—merely, it has to do with your heart condition. Surrendering your whole being to the Father. This is salvation.

* Pray trusting…that the Lord will lead you to an understanding of salvation.

* Find someone you can trust, and talk to them about your doubts. Ask questions. They won’t shame you. Instead, they’ll rejoice with you, and lead you to a better understanding, and maybe even into a relationship with Jesus, if you let them.

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