Friday, September 12, 2014

Glossary of Author's Terms

ARC: Advanced Reading Copy. An early (non-official) printing of a book sent to reviewers prior to the book's release.

Antag: Known in modern English as antagonist

Charries: Known in modern English as characters.

Dog-Earing: Folding the corners of books to keep your place.

FMC: Female Main Character.

MC: Main Character (gender not specified)

MMC: Male Main Character.

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. A challenge to write 50,000 words within the month of November. Utilized by many writers for motivational purposes. Sometimes referred to as NaNo for short

Plot Bunny: A random rebellious story idea that pops out of nowhere at the most inconvenient times. Can most often be found on trampolines, in showers, while doing dishes late at night, and while lying in bed. The plot bunny usually makes it's greatest appearance when said author is trying to focus on only one story.

POV: Point-of-view. Usually referring to the manner in which your character views his or her world.

Protag: Known in modern English as protagonist. 

TBR: To-be-read.

WIP: A work-in-progress. Usually referring to a half-finished manuscript, play, or work of great length that the author is avidly devoting his/herself to.

WPD: Words-per-day. The average number of words you write per day.

Wrimo: An individual who participates in NaNoWriMo.



  1. I am both pleased that I know ALL these words and that there is such a glossary to defect my friends towards when they get confused... They need it, all right.

    1. *laughs* that's awesome, Heather! The marks of a true writer. :)