Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Homeschooler's Bucket List

This is what I do at 1:30am.

You're welcome, America.*

A Homeschooler's Bucket List:

1. Ride on a real honest-to-goodness school bus (check!)
2. Memorize most of the Bible
3. Go to a real fair (check!)
4. Watch all the Disney movies I still haven't seen 
5. Have a highschool reunion


6. Reach the full understanding of how first, second, and (is there a third?) period work.
7. Eat one of those "lunchable" things...even if they are full of chemicals.  
8. Learn how to use essential oils like a pro.
9. Attend school for a whole day - just so I can know how to write about it.
10. Play on a school team. 

Some people have suggested things like "go outside" and "have friends." How many can you add?

* And shout-out to all my international viewers out there - don't want to forget you! You're welcome, too!


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