Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cousin Love

Last weekend, my sisters, mom, and I traveled a few states to attend our Aunt Rustie's baby shower. Believe it or not, baby-on-the-way is going to be our first ever cousin. Her name is Samantha, and we're pretty ecstatic to meet her.

Laurie shows how excited she is to be wearing a dress.

Likewise, Natalie is thrilled. She made this dress herself, by the way!

So many baby gifts! We're going to spoil Samantha out of her mind, probably...and buy our aunt lots of noisy baby toys. :)

Lexi love! Isn't she adorable? And her full name is Lexington. So cute!

Doggie wanted in on the goodies, too.

Cute, right? Baby Samantha has so many clothes and things already...(no, seriously--this kid is set for life), so I wanted to be creative. This is a pair of baby sunglasses decorated with mustaches.

Dad wanted to be creative, too. This is Rustie's reaction to his gift, a pair of baby's first cleats.

Others were skeptical about the idea.
(Just kidding--I don't know when I took this picture)

Did I mention the kid is spoiled?

More of Lexi, just 'cause she's cute. She'll only be a year older than Samantha, so hopefully they'll be the best of friends.

It was a great weekend! 


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