Monday, May 19, 2014

Kedar's Tower: Back Cover Synopsis

There's nothing worse than writing a back cover synopsis. The idea makes me cringe inside. 

You mean I have to fit a 90,000 word plot into that? 


*shrieks and runs for cover*

But by the grace of God, it can be done. Truly.  

So, after screaming a few times, yanking out my hair, and punching one or two undeserving individuals (not really), here is my back cover synopsis. 

To be honest, guys, I don't completely know what's going to happen with this book. As far piecing and technicality goes, it's the hardest thing I've ever written. I'm also kind of in a writing slump, and with deadlines, travel, and school coming up, I don't honestly have the time to force myself out of it. 

But God is always faithful. If you've followed along on my journey, you know He has proven His faithfulness in my writing time and time again. But it's funny how we continue to doubt, right? 

I can't promise to have this out soon. But I can promise to do God's will with it...whatever that may be. :) 


* * * 

Slave to her brother's vineyards.
Curse to her family's clan.
Captive in a gloomy tower.

Kedar is cute, quirky, and stubborn. She desires righteousness, purity, and fellowship with servants from Solomon's Kingdom of Light.

Or, that's what they tell her.

But on her seventh birthday, Kedar 's brothers, rulers of the Kingdom of Darkness, find out about her desire for righteousness and her dealings with their rival Kingdom. Immediately, they strip Kedar of her freedom.

Now eighteen, she's spent over half her life as a slave and prisoner in her captor's tower. Her memory, long since wiped by the tower's pollution, holds only bits and pieces of her past. And no recollection of who she truly is.

However, despite years of beatings, captivity, and brainwashing, Kedar holds tight to one fading promise: Solomon's pledge to come back one day, and bring her to the Kingdom of Light.

But after eleven years, is Solomon still planning to keep his promise? And if he does, will Kedar be able to accept him?

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