Friday, May 30, 2014

Fall Class: Steps to Traditional Publishing

Flyer-posting. :)

Proposals, one-liners, edits, query letters, internet searches, agents, conferences, rejection slips, and if you're lucky...contracts.

Entering the traditional publishing industry is not your average sugary and gluten-filled piece of cake. It's complicated, it's frustrating, and it's nothing like CreateSpace.

However, if you're a passionate writer with a dream to see your novel on bookstore shelves, it's all worth it.

But in order to bring your passion to life, you have to start somewhere. Join Stephanie Kehr, author of Reaching Home, on a six week one-on-one introduction to the traditional publishing industry. Learn about what it takes to get your book on the market, and how you can take steps to achieve your publishing goals.

Where? Lessons will be held online via e-mail and Skype.

Who Can Sign Up? Anyone with an interest in traditional publishing.

When Does it Start? September 15th.

How Much Does it Cost? $99.00 per student. Discounts are offered for family members.

How Can I Contact Stephanie to Learn More? Please send an e-mail to stephaniekehrauthor[at]gmail[dot]com.


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