Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dress Love

In advance! A post written for Bekah Hamrick Martin, speaker and author of The Bare Naked Truth. This is for the fashion series she's hosting, How to Get on the Top 10 Hottest Girl List. Bekah is a dear. Go check her out...and enjoy!


I’m just popping in to share a little fashion with you guys today. I hope you don’t mind… :)

My name is Stephanie. I’m your average eighteen-year-old, and I have the huge privileged of coming to you sister-to-sister today to share some of my favorite outfits...dresses, specifically!

Can I take a moment to help you fall in love with dresses? 

I first fell in love a year ago when my aunt and I discovered Modcloth. We had so much fun giggling over dresses (and shoes - oh my!) and fantasizing over buying them for a special occasion someday. However, Modcloth is expensive, so I set out to discover vintage (and other all-around cuteness) in the thrift stores.

Dress: Thrift Store, $4.00 
Shoes: Payless, $9.00
Shawl: Walmart, $1.50 
Earrings: gift

It's surprising how many cute dresses you can find when you've scoured enough thrift stores. I've found my select few, certainly. Now that I know where they are, I have to make sure I don't let dress love get to my wallet...

This particular dress is strapless, so I threw a shawl over it for modesty. It has a button on the side that you can't see under the shawl, and my favorite feature is the built in slip that puffs at the end. It gives it a super cute Shirley Temple flair. Don't you just love dresses?

Blue top: thrift store, $2.50
Cami: target $5.00?
Skirt: thrift store, $2.00
Shoes: thrift store, $2.00. 
Earrings: gift

So in this series, we're talking about how to get on the top ten hottest girl list, right? If I were to give you one tip to 'hotness,' I would encourage you to live in the Spirit and carry the grace of Christ. There's nothing more attractive.

But you probably want a fashion tip, too. When you're striving to be beautiful, I would encourage you to learn your own style, and stick with it. Don't be influenced by what's currently in, or by what others think... be influenced by YOU! Wear what you love, and you'll always be hot. Also, wear jewelry. Jewelry makes everything special.

(Excuse the wrinkles - ah! I pulled this out of a suitcase. So awkward. If you want to be hot, dear, don't copy me on that element.) ;D

Dress: thrift store, $4.00

Boots: gift

Earrings: Walmart, $2.00.

It's been so nice to share with you today! You are all beautiful! How do you take your fashion? :)


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