Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boringly Informational...With Procrastination Spice

Hello, dears!

I'm just going to be quick and boringly informational today. Alas. But I'm hoping to pound out 6k words tonight, and that is a count that doesn't give much room for procrastination.

I am skilled in procrastination, guys. Every writer is. I also have a fascination with tea, which is another mark of a writer, but surprisingly coffee isn't usually my thing. I have betrayed my species, yes.

Did I say I was good at procrastination? Can we say side-track?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that after much thought and consideration, I've decided to do a blog tour with one of my articles, Heart Guarding Debunked. Being both a controversial and secondary issue, I don't want to hugely zero in on this subject, which is why I've had to put a lot of thought into whether or not to follow through with this. But being as it is, I do believe there are two or three very gospel-centered ideas presented in it. First, it's convicting (for me too, yo) and has encouraged many (including myself) to repentance. Second, it sets us free from guilt, from rules, and from self-imposed perfection, which are all things Jesus came to abolish, right? And third, it points to Jesus...which is what all writing should do, fiction or non-fiction.

Therefore, I am excited to announce that throughout the next couple of weeks, Heart Guarding Debunked will be featured on the blogs of Mariella Hunt, Chard Phebe, and Alexa Skrywer...and on your blog, if you contact me. The more the merrier!

Be sure to check out Mariella, Chard, and Alexa's blogs when you get a second.

Off to pound out those 6,000....

Onward, Christian soldiers!



  1. I don't like coffee either, though tea is a yes.

    :) I'll be interested to see the tour as it goes.

    1. Yay! Another fellowmen in my boat. Haha, I probably just haven't had enough coffee to give it a chance. :) Thanks for the comment, Heroine!