Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Your Questions Answered

One of the really fun things about the blogging/writing profession is that, not only do you get to interview cool people...you actually get to be interviewed by cool people. Some of you may remember that I had the honor of being interviewed by author Melissa Tagg not too long ago. At the moment, I'm also currently working to answer some questions from another interviewer....coming soon!

When working with Melissa Tagg, I realized that I super enjoy interviews. Maybe it's the art form that I like, or maybe the ability to come up with goofy, witty answers. I'm not sure. But for some reason, they're a "breath of fresh air," a break away from my "norm," and a huge blast.

Am I alone? What do you guys think?

I gave you the opportunity to interview me completely anonymously with the promise that if you asked enough questions, I'd answer them for you here. Well, you guys pulled through!

This was so much fun. Really. Are you excited to see? I am! Some people came up with some really creative stuff.

Q: Do you ever want to adopt? If so, from where?

A: YES. I've kind of always wanted to walk into an abortion clinic and announce to a patient, "If you choose life, I'll keep the baby." Kids everywhere need homes. The place doesn't super matter to me. Wherever there's a need.

Q: What's something that you would never wear?

A: Jegglings. Skinny jeans. A jeans jumper.

Q: Do you like people with the last name Fawley? 

A: Well, I mean, playing the hate game isn't exactly my cup of tea. Fawley's a pretty snazzy last name. 

Q: How would you share the gospel to an unbeliever in a nutshell?

A: I never do anything in a nutshell.
I usually jump from something we have in common. If there's nothing in common, I'll find something. If they come right out and ask a spiritual question, that's even better, and I'll probably ask if they'd like to know about Jesus. I don't like to argue theology, but would rather just love with my words and actions. Preach Jesus, not opinions. I preach what's in the Bible. Believe on His name and take up your cross and follow. It's good news - but it's also hard-core. Prosperity gospel is not my thing. :) I try to lean away from the "repeat after me" prayer, and try to stick with just what's in the Bible. If they choose to believe, I encourage them to use their own words.

Q: Do you like bears?

A: Um. Stuffed bears are cute. Real bears are cute too. Cubs especially, and koala bears. They're not my favorite animal, but unless they're banging our trash cans around at 4:00am, I don't dislike them.

Q: Did you know that koala bears are not actually bears?

A: I didn't. Thank you for informing me.

Q: How has blogging caused you to grow? 

A: Wow. Good question. Props for creativity. 
Tons of ways. 1. In learning how to deal with pride. Having a big "social media" status and being a teen author will bring temptation, believe me. 2. Having to be real over the internet and in my writing. 'Cause superficiality helps nobody, and 3. In boldness, preaching the Bible, and living out what I write. :)

Q: Can you speak any language other than English?

A: Brit English. :P I tried French for a month of two, but didn't feel like homeschooling myself through a language was getting me very far. 

Q: The Baptism of John- where was it from? From heaven or from men? 

A: ....because when we ask questions, we should follow the example of the pharisees.

Q: What camera do you have? If you enjoy photography that is...:P

A: I have a Canon Rebel XSI...and I do enjoy photography. :)

Stay tuned. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be interviewing some cool people and sharing their writing with you. I generally leave interviews and features pretty open, too, so if you'd like to join in the fun and have some of your writing posted here, email me at stephaniekehrauthor@gmail.com, and I'd be happy to see what fits!

Also, if you'd like to continue asking questions, or if I didn't answer your question here on the blog, you can go to this link to see the full list of questions and answers, or to ask away.

Happy Tuesday!


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