Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Day in the Life

Aspiring teenage author? Blogger? Just a curious individual? Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an author, tutor, homeschool student, blogger, and Lymie actually looks like? Just for fun, here's my day in pictures.

I usually start my morning with a Bible and radio broadcasts. This morning I was listening to John MacArthur and Alistair Begg. Super cool people. Sometimes they distract me for an hour or two.

Seems kinda late to be starting one's school day, don't you think? This isn't my usual. Currently, I've been waking up around 12:00pm (gasps), and going to bed at 2:00am. Not a normal human schedule (*ahem,* clearly), but it's what happens when imbalanced hormones and seven months worth of antibiotics meet Lyme Disease. I'm learning to work with it for now...and trying really hard to get back on schedule.   

 The clock and I maintain a really important  relationship, as I have to remember to take medication every three hours (respectably - depending on the drug), at seven different times every day.   

*excuses herself from the computer to go take another dose*

Yes, I drink that. 

By 2:00, I'd just finished unloading the dishwasher and running up and down the stairs for various reasons. My next order of business was to start school and work, but I was pretty tired. 

I started Business Management at 3:00. You'll see that my day is pretty shifted right now, but hey, I can still get things done. Isn't my bulletin board super cool? On each one of those little squares, I've written a task that I do on a regular weekly or daily basis. Every morning, I choose the tasks I need to accomplish throughout the day and tack them onto the day of the week. Today is Wednesday...  

....and here's what's on my list of things to accomplish.

Tired again, so I did a great deal of my management reading in bed. For college work, I usually only take one course at a time. This strategy is to help me focus on one specific subject, rather than have my mind all over the place. I try to finish courses up in a matter of weeks, but it doesn't always happen - depending on the difficulty level and how much of that subject I've studied previously.

Switching from textbook to  computer learning. Personally, I prefer the book. As an artsy person, I like to be able to touch things, draw on things, and turn pages. 

5:38pm. I printed off some assigned Business Management articles to read. Again, hands on stuff. It's no fun reading from a screen (that coming from the mouth of an ironic). Pomegranate tea, because I felt really nauseated, and a teacup of potato soup, because I needed to eat something. The pink pen is my favorite thing ever, and I will scribble notes with it until kingdom come (or until it runs out of ink). Using my phone as well, because I was texting someone snack information for an upcoming event. 

7:33pm. Break time and/or clean out your pile of index cards! I have been trying to find the time to put this together for weeks. It's photo-album-turned-recipe-book. My "method" of keep recipes together has been pretty much non-existent, or "organized chaos," (meaning, I write them down on index cards and put them in a pile) and it was high time I fixed it. 

These have not been a part of my day yet, but I snapped a picture anyway, as I usually do fit story listening in somewhere. You'll see that these are mostly kids books, and if you've been reading my blog for a time, you know that's mainly what I listen to. If I'm doing something with my hands that doesn't require a great amount of thought, there's usually a book in the background. 

7:46pm. Paper grading. Yeah, I'm behind. Yeah, that's what I'll be doing again when I finish this post. I'm still trying to figure out the best method for report cards, because that's what I fall farthest behind in. When you don't record grades and turned-in-on-time assignments the week they're finished, you're required to go back to old e-mails for probably a four hour search-and-record. I need to print out a paper chart that I can tag on my desk and use to record things quickly every week. But that requires making another chart....which maybe I'll do tonight...

Usually, the author in me pops up around 8:00 or 9:00pm, or even 2:00am, if my energy's whacked and I'm not tired. I don't consider blog posts part of my "author" writing, because they're non-fiction. Those I work in the daytime maybe once or twice a week. 

11,840 words, yo. :) I've been penning about 500wpd, granted I even get to write every evening. Since I'm not currently on a deadline, writing books are (sadly) not my top priority.

After writing, it's 10:38pm and I'm finishing up this blog post, which I have been working on in snippets throughout the day.

And there you have it! A day in the life of an author, blogger, tutor, student, and Lymie. Today was pretty laid back. I didn't have any blogging deadlines, edits to turn in, articles to write, or places to go. I am pretty pressed on paper grading, but I was able to leave other things like typing and answering interview questions, ordering school books, and answering e-mails for another day. Keeping things from an overwhelming state.

What about you? Are you an author, student, medical trainee, or zookeeper? What does a normal day look like for you?


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