Saturday, February 1, 2014

Swamped, Dreaming, and Getting Back Into my Head

I stayed home from Church stuff and the kid's basketball games today to finish up some chores and get work done. Some people like to hide in busyness. It's not really my thing. I like to be quiet, leisure, and I enjoy when I can be spontaneous.

This Saturday has pretty much been nuts. I stared a college course on Thursday, which is pretty demanding, and I have some work left to with my reading assignments. I love having a textbook. Hands-on stuff is great. Funny thing is, though, I'm actually allergic to the book. So I can say, "Mom, I'm allergic to my schoolwork" and be completely honest. Best. Thing. Ever.

I sorted through a few hundred e-mails, and I still have thirty complicated ones left to get back to. By complicated, I mean time-consuming. I have a ton of paper grading to do, which is really what I should be doing now...then I need to put lessons together for the upcoming weeks, and write two teaching outlines for Monday. Yiiikes. Anyone else ever tried teaching?

I don't like feeling this crazed, but I've been keeping in prayer, in the meditation of scripture, and I'm listening to Jenny&Tyler, a band my sister-friend suggested I try. They remind me of the Getty's. Good, quiet music.

Last night, my sister and I had a Broadway/musical quote showdown over text at some 1:00am. I was doing dishes, and she was studying. It was fun.

I skipped, like, twenty doses of medication today [read: four], so that's just fabulous. I don't even know when I need to take stuff next. Probably two hours from now, or something. So yeah, doses skipped means I'm doing the hot-cold thing.

We have no food in the house. Zero. But at this very moment, my mom is taking a store trip and she said she'd buy lentils. Yuuumm.

The SuperBowl is tomorrow, and honestly I can't even tell you who's playing. I don't think we're doing anything...

In my swamped state of mind, I seem to keep going back to traveling. I don't know--I'm not really a traveling person, but it seems really appealing to me right now. Maxi skirts and warm weather. Mhmm.


I have February's writer showcase coming up for you guys on the 5th, and I promise I'll get more interesting soon. :)