Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Character Descriptions by Daniel

My little brother really enjoys writing about dogs. In fact, I posted one of his dog interviews just a few months back. It was adorable.
This week, he's been assigned to write a short story and work on some character descriptions. Hallelujah for character descriptions! Who doesn't love those?
Since Daniel is of course, writing about dogs, he did a character description of our puppy, Hollie, who is the star of his short story. I'll leave the original spelling and punctuation. Here's what he writes:

Physical Appearance: White, short.

Personality traits: Playful, scard, sleepy.

Food he/she likes: Goldfish crackers.

Food he/she detests: Peas.

Mom: why doesn't she like peas? 
Daniel: I don't know! All dogs don't like peas!

Odd habits: Pooping.

Music he/she likes: The Woof.

Friends: Rascal, Daisy.

Family: Rascal, Daisy, Lily.

Interests: Seeing her puppies.

Spiritual life: ....

Vacations she likes to take: Camping.

Fears: Me. Peas.

Side note: Hollie is pretty paranoid of Daniel's rambunctious attitude, but she will let him hold her sometimes.

Places he/she avoids: Anyware within five feet of me.

People he/she avoids: Me.

Things that make him/her cry: Thinking of her puppies.

Sports: Barking.

Books: Books by Bark Twain.

Isn't my brother talented in creativity?

In other news, I might be out of commission for a little while over here. Actually, I'm going to be writing. It's probably not a story I'll end up releasing to the public, just a fun sort of thing to finish up one of my first books. I'll be doing it in writing sprints--some 2,000 words per day, or something. Your prayers are much appreciated, and feel free to bug or ask me about my word count. :) I will try to keep up with posting, but It'll be a week or two before any super long writing comes to surface.



  1. Looks like you might have some upcoming author competition. :) Tell Daniel he did well. :) - Amber

    1. I know, right? I'm going to have to start watching my back. :)

  2. That's so awesome. :) XD Kids are the cutest.

  3. Love it! I didn't know Daniel liked to write; he's very clever! Congrats! He must've worked really woof at that!