Thursday, December 5, 2013

Writer Showcase: Isaac Church

I first met Isaac a few years ago when he and a friend were looking for a writer to join them in a three-part project. When he sent me this poem a week ago, I asked if I could share it with you all. I love how open and black and white he is with his writing. He's not afraid to share his opinion or to argue a theological subject. We need more fearless writers like this. Isaac's poem, Confusion, is part of a larger poetic work he hopes to complete soon. I'll let you read his brilliant writing, and then we'll get to hear a little from Isaac himself. 

by Isaac Church

How confused I have become
The church that I have seen 
Is not the church that's in the Bible 
Is church now built on human dreams?

I look around in horror 
And I see the human fear 
I see how precious are these halls 
The material things are morbidly dear

We are taught in words 
That we are God's holy building 
Then shown in everyone's actions 
What matters is the costly gilding

The wooden cross is decoration 
The alter is a prop 
Of the grace that flows like water 
Only saints can drink a drop

Sinners come from off the streets 
And wear what they have on 
Like tyranny and hypocrisy 
We hide our Hope til the curtain's drawn

We can't let the sinners near 
Because we've made our building holy 
And our actions to each other 
Proclaim our priorities quite boldly

"Do not profane the house of The Lord" 
Our attitudes are homicidal 
The building that we worship in 
Has now become our very idol

And so because it matters most 
How socially acceptable you be 
We judge you like a grand jury 
And hate you with smiles until you leave

How Jesus Christ would be disgusted 
How he suffered so much loss 
How sick it is that we blasphemously 
Hate the sinners in the name of the cross

I don't mean to be disrespectful 
But what is it I'm to respect? 
We teach such flawed theology 
Witness through missionaries we elect

Don't you understand this fact:
 The church is not a building filled with pews? 
If the church is a body and people and believers 
The only one profaning your church is you.

Don't talk to me about this love 
Don't "remind me" of any "biblical tip" 
I just wonder if Christ visited your church 
If He would bring a knotted whip.

I asked Isaac a few questions about his writing. Here's what he said:

Tell us a little about your poem. What was your inspiration in writing it?

The poem Confusion addresses the incongruity between many churches nowadays, and the Church of Christ in the New Testament. As mentioned, the poem is a portion of a larger work which will be a story/poetic opera of sorts. The basic plot follows a lost man through a hard time, and shows how damaging a weak church can be to a weak Christian. The story is intended to challenge the church to a much higher calling than they/we have settled for, and to encourage those who have fallen that there is still hope in Christ.

What form of writing do you consider yourself best at? Do you stick with creative writing all the way, or do you branch off in the pursuit of philosophical persuasive essays, too?

I am probably best at humorous short stories, but I most enjoy writing serious/dark stories or poems. I do enjoy philosophy, but formal essays always get the best of me (cite this, cite that).

How old were you when you realized you enjoyed putting words together?

It wasn’t very long ago, maybe I was sixteen or so. Before then, I mainly focused on other creative ventures.

What’s the singular most important thing you’ve learned about writing over the years?

About scientific writing: be organized. About creative writing: be insane. Let your completely insane creativity attack your paper and sink itself in its illogical vortex. THEN, when the water settles, take a very fine set of tweezers, and pick out all the best creatures and ideas that catch your fancy. Some call it “free-writing,” I call it “organized chaos.”

When your creativity is dead, what’s your strategy for enhancing it?

Reading. I always have at least one novel I’m reading at any given moment, and I take the poor book everywhere I go.

What is your overall goal in writing?

To artistically make a point. What that “point” is will depend on the situation, story, and etcetera.

Out of the many things you’ve written, which of your works remains your favorite? Why? Can you tell us a little about this work?

Probably a poem I wrote about truth, because I had fun putting philosophy into an artistic format. The poem addresses some main points of the philosophy of secular humanism, and shows how they are illogical. I think poetry makes whatever is written more powerful, therefore when you have a good argument for something, making it rhyme is always an improvement.

Do you ever hope to get published? If yes, are you looking into traditional publishing, self publishing, or both?

Yes I do. I’m leaning toward traditional publishing right now, but I change my mind a lot.

How often do you write?
Whenever I have time, and sometimes when I don’t.

What else do you do for fun?
I enjoy drawing, watching old TV shows, reading, playing ultimate, and being mischievous of course.

What does your life look like when you’re not writing?

At the moment, it is very crazy and busy. While balancing sleep and classes at a community college, I am also reading (as I’ve said), and looking for a good four-year college where I can study art.

Do you have any other long-term goals for your writing?
I have several long stories that are floating around in my head, and they need to be written at some point, or else the stories will begin leaking out my ears. I hope to continue writing poetry books if this one works out. 

Thanks so much for sharing your poem with us, Isaac! How'd you enjoy Isaac's writing? Was it inspiring? Thought-provoking? Leave him some encouragement int the comments section!

Isaac Church is an eighteen-year-old vessel of Christ, and desires to honor Him with all of his many writings. Isaac is also a master-of-mischief and appreciates humor as well as deep-thinking. He likes to say that being crazy is the sanest thing to be, and it has served him well all his life.
He lives with his large homeschooled family and the many insane people inside his head. Isaac hopes to one day travel around the world, settle in a large library-house, and raise a nifty family.

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  1. It is a very thought provoking poem. I love how you didn't beat around the bush, but said exactly what needed to be heard. That kind of bravery is awesome :) The topic is also one that has weighed on my heart and spirit for a long time, so it was good to see someone addressing it.

  2. Thank you both for your comments! I know Isaac appreciates the encouragement!