Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Lettering

I love sending cards and letters full of fun letting, drawings, and pretty flowers. I often get questions like, "Did you really write that?" or "Is that truly your handwriting?" God made us to like pretty things, and He made us to make pretty things. Today, I'm going to give a picture outline of one of the stamps I was copying onto a piece of paper. It's not really as hard as it looks, and I'd love to inspire you to try! 

First I choose my weaponry. I have two calligraphy pens, a black marker that doesn't bleed, two thin sharpies, a thick sharpie, a black pen, and a pencil. I picked up my two favorite tools -- the thin sharpie and the pencil. Yeaah, I know most people like their calligraphy pens and ink wells, but honestly, there's nothing I love more than a simple sharpie and a pencil. 

Weaponry done, now since I've decided to copy something today, I have to choose a stamp. I picked the one on the left.

I always start with pencil work and a ruler. There are two separate lines on my stamp, so I draw two lines with sides so I make sure to center everything correctly. 

For this one, the dots really guide the rest of the font, so I started with those. 

Then I filled in my dots with the lettering. Also, if you notice, I moved the second line further down to make a bigger gap between the two lines. 

Okay, so not quite there yet. 

Finished filling in the letters! It looks pretty well centered to me, so I move on. 

Mhmm! Looking good! My faithful sharpie did the trick yet again!

I let the pen dry and erase the pencil marks, which is my favorite part. Somehow the art reveals itself in a new way when you get rid of the pencil. 

A few more touch ups and some decorations, and we have our final project! The first one I did for a card didn't include the final "confetti," because I thought it was a little busy, but I decided to try it this time, and I think it really turned out!  

You might ask why I copied a stamp and didn't just dump it in ink and throw it on a page instead of going to all that work, and I can't really give you an answer. It's more fun this way, I suppose. Also, I don't have any ink...and in the past, I've been really well known to splatter ink and color all over my desk. 

Speaking of my desk, did you see I got a new one? Sooo exciting! My old one was kind of a midget, and I've discovered it really doesn't work for a writer. Now I can fit a clipboard, school books, and laptop all in the same place!  

 Here are a few others I've been working on...

It still looks lovely, even without the extra confetti, I think. 

What do you think? Do you have a pen obsession too? Would you like to receive or make a card like this? Are you inspired, or have you already been doing this forever?


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