Monday, December 2, 2013

Daniel's Interview

My ten-year-old brother is an aspiring writer! He was asked to interview someone for a writing assignment, and this is what he came up with. Spelling errors and all, it was too cute not to share! Number ten is the best. 

Interview with Daisy
by Daniel Kehr

1. When and where were you born?

I was born April 20,2004 in Dallas, Texas.

2. What were your parents like?

I don’t quite remember them, but I know they were Yorkies just like me.

Photo Credit: Daniel Kehr

3. What was your puppyhood like?

In my puppyhood I was still in Texas by that point. I didn’t have much to play with, but occasionally Joey might accidently drop a dollar bill for me to throw around. 

4. Did you ever want to have puppies yourself?

Yes I did once, I thought about it. I didn’t have anyone to mate with because Rascal was already fixed, and they didn’t want to get another male dog. I am disappointed because I didn’t have them and get to help them grow up like most of the other dogs in the world. 

5. What was your life like in Texas with Joey and Grandma?

We lived in an apartment in Texas. I didn’t really like Texas because there was no room to run around for a little dog like me. In the apartment there wasn’t much space, so I couldn’t run around. I had to use these ridiculous things called piddle pads to go to the bathroom. Grandma and Joey were nice to me even when I had an accident. Then Grandma left suddenly. A nice man came to pack her up, and I was alone with Joey. But Joey was so busy that he couldn’t take care of me anymore. So he called someone, and when the person got there they brought a carrier and put me on a plane. 

6. How did you come to live in Virginia?

After a few hours on the plane another mysterious man came and put me on a thing that carried me. Then Tom the same man that came to help pack came and picked me up and took me in a car. Then we came to this mysterious home and all these people were there, and I was scared. Then they took me in another room, and there was Grandma sitting happily waiting for me. I was shocked to see Grandma sitting there and waiting for me. 

7. What is your life like living with the Kehr family?

It’s exciting and there are all these doggies playing with me. We play and bark and chase things outside where I can run around. The Kehr’s provide a warm bed for me to sleep in and feed me and take care of me. But Grandma is always there when I want her.

8. How old are you now?

I am six years old in people years, but in dog years I am forty-two. You may think I’m slow if I’m forty-two, but think again. I’ll out run you in a contest any day. But that new dog named Hollie, passes me by , so she is an exception.

9. How do you like living with the other dogs?

I love my other dog friends Rascal and Hollie. They help me chase squirrels even though we’ve never caught one. We play and bark and trample through the leaves.

10. What was the one thing that you wanted to do in life but haven’t?

I’ve always wanted to catch a squirrel, but there just too dog gone fast.  I’ve been trying to climb up those long tall things that they go up and hide in, but it’s just not working out.  And they never come down.  I even offered them a nut once if they would come down, but they just won’t do it.


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