Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Believe (The Good News!)

Guys, you and I have a problem.

We're immortal.

That's right. I just said that.

And it's true.

Don't get me wrong, your body is going to die. But the spirit, the person you are inside--you--will live on forever.

Yeah, that's a really scary thought.

Wanna know what's even scarier? You and I are destined to live forever (never ending. Ever.) in a real place called hell. A lake of eternal fire. Why? That's a good question. See, most of us are pretty good people. Most of us don't deserve that. It's unfair, right?


See, guys, there's a holy God. There's a holy, real God. He created you and me to be his possession and to be holy, like Him.

But you and I are not holy. We've been born into a sinful world. The first two beings God created were named Adam and Eve, and they disobeyed.

Disobeying. Well, that's not so bad, right? They definitely didn't deserve hell.

But we've got to put this into perspective. GOD is holy. Blameless. Perfect. He is indescribably powerful and mighty.

And He's never sinned. He's never done wrong. EVER.

That's what holiness means.

Perfect. Blameless.

ANYTHING you do that is not perfect, completely pure, or blameless is directly against His law. Directly against His holiness. It's a direct offense.

One direct offense against the all powerful, almighty God--one little spot or blemish--is deserving of torture in hell forever and ever and ever.

Disobeying will send you to hell.

The bad news is that there's nothing we can do. Nothing. Because we've already sinned. You've yelled at your parents. You've disobeyed. You've told a half-truth, you've felt proud, you've felt jealous.

You can't clean up your act.

Because it doesn't matter.

The offense has already been made. 

The judgment is sealed.

But there is good news.


In his abounding love, grace, and mercy made a way to set us free from this law. From this judgement.

There is a way for immortal beings like us not only to be saved from the fires of hell that we deserve, but to spend our immorality--our forever and ever and ever--in a place called heaven.

Where there are no tears.

No pain.

No suffering.

No sin.

Only LIFE.

See, the perfectly holy, vast, and almighty God created a way to pay for our debts. He made a way to completely cover and erase all unholiness, dirt, and filth from our lives.

ALL of it.

He sent Jesus Christ.

Conceived by a Virgin girl. Jesus Christ was fully God, yet fully man in the flesh. See, God sent his Son, Jesus, to earth in the form of a human body. A human body that carried all temptation to disobey, to be unholy and just as blameless as we are.

But Jesus did not sin once.

He was never prideful, never unrighteously angry, he was never jealous of his friend. He never hurt another. He never murdered. He never stole. He never cheated. He never told a half truth. Ever.

But He was punished.

Blameless, holy, the perfect Son of God was beaten and whipped. His arms were nailed to a cross. 

And on that cross, Jesus took the place for you and me. He took my disobedience upon His shoulders. He took your half-truths upon His shoulders. He took our evil upon His shoulders. He became the sin of the world. 

And God turned His back on Jesus.

Instead of us.

Jesus, who lived a pure and blameless life took the beatings. The torture. He took the sin. Jesus placed all our unholiness on His shoulders, instead of ours.

And because of that, Jesus descended into hell.

Instead of you and me.

For three days, He was tortured.

For you and me.

He paid the price.

For you and me.

When Jesus died--when man crucified GOD in the flesh, death thought it had won the victory. The savior of the world was dead. You can't save anyone dead.

On the third day, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He rose out of hell. He became alive.

And He became the first fruit. The first to rise from the dead. The first to rise from hell. When Jesus rose, He conquered death. He conquered our debt of sin. He conquered the forever and ever and ever that you and I were supposed to spend in hell.

He became sin. So that we didn't have to know sin.

He became sin so that you and I can be blameless, holy, and perfect in the eyes of God almighty.

He was punished for you and me.

Jesus came for the sick. For the needy. For the sinners. For you. He came to cover your sins, no matter how many.

And He asks for only one thing.

That you and believe. That you follow Him. That you ask Him to blot out your sins--past, present, and future. He asks you to live a life that feeds righteousness and blamelessness and chooses to kill the flesh. Not in our own strength, but in His.

If we choose to believe in Him. To make Him Lord over our lives, over our fears, and over our decisions, He will give us eternal life. He will give us a forever and ever and ever with HIM--with GOD--in heaven.

We don't deserve it.

None of us.

Not one.

But He CHOSE to give life freely to those who believe in Him.

The Bible says that if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that He is Lord, that He rose from the dead, and that He paid for your sins, you shall be saved. If you ask God to forgive your sins, they will be washed clean.

If you desire to know this amazing God, and if you desire to become one of His children, to be saved from a forever and ever and ever in hell, I urge you to pray. I urge you to pray to God in sincerity--in pure belief and humility--and ask Him to forgive and blot out your sins and make you His child.

You don't need special words. It's easy. Use your own words. He accepts them.

Pray. Right now.

Ask Him. Believe in Him. Make Him king over you and your life here on earth.

And you will be saved.  

That's it. There's so much more to this beautiful story, and I would urge you to read it in the Bible. If you have accepted and believed in Christ Jesus through this little writing, I rejoice with you! Please, it is so vital that you find a strong Christian brother or sister to mentor you in your early steps of faith. Please, also, find a Bible and begin reading the Word and the good news of the Living God for yourself.

If you don't know any strong Christians, have just accepted Christ, or have questions about this good news, please e-mail me at stephaniekehrauthor[at]gmail[dot]com. I love people to death and I've taken professional classes in non-biting. :) There's nothing I love more than talking about Jesus.

To Him be the glory forever and ever!


So be it.

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