Thursday, November 28, 2013

Writer Showcase: Calling All Aspiring Writers!

Hey, all!

I have a very fun and exciting announcement for you today!

If you've been following my blog, facebook page, or have known me personally for a relative amount of time, you've probably noticed how much I love working with aspiring writers. The days I spent dreaming of publishing a book and making it to the New York Times bestseller list (yes, really), are pretty close to my heart. Now as an older teen who has had the opportunity to build her dreams from the ground up, it gives me great joy to work with and mentor other writers who have big ideas and are starting just like I did! Seriously, there is nothing cooler than a middle schooler, preteen, or teen who loves to write.

I've decided to take a shot at a hosting a writer every month, and in order to do this, I need your help. Yes, you. I'm looking for aspiring writers, authors, and poets. Do you have dreams to be published one day? To work for a magazine? I'm looking for you.

Every month, I'll feature a new writer. I'll publish some of their work (whether a story, an article, a poem, or a novel excerpt) and interview that writer with a bunch of fun and creative questions about themselves, their writing, and maybe even their pet unicorn.

The unique thing about this idea is that I'm not looking for people who have been exposed to a huge amount of publicity. I'm not looking for "special" out-of-the-ballpark writers with huge potential (though I'm not opposed to that, either). I'm just looking for normal, everyday people who have heart and passion. Maybe you just enjoy writing in your spare time, but aren't necessarily planning to make it a career. That's perfect. Maybe you do hope to make it a career, you're just not ready for that yet. That's also perfect.

Why am I doing this? I want you to be able to chase your passion. To say to your friends and family, "Guess what? My writing was published on a blog this week!" Because that's where writing starts. With the little things. It starts with excitement, with joy, with encouragement from other writers, with that one little glimmer of hope that says your writing is good enough to be showcased on a blog.

I want to give you the first step up. Maybe after my blog, you'll try for a magazine. Maybe after a magazine, you'll enter your short story in a writing contest, maybe after a writing contest, you'll start writing query letters for publishing agents. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

But not only will I attempt to give you a first step. As thanks for posting on my blog that month, I'll do an evaluation of your writing. Shoot me an article or story (not necessarily the one we'll be posting), that's 900 words or less, and I'll send it back with an evaluation and a few ways you can improve. If you're looking to be published one day, I'll also send you some links to contests, recommended publishing companies, agents, and I'll introduce you to some blogs and articles by the big names in the publishing industry. If you're just looking for help on your college paper, I can do that too. It's a win-win situation.

Sound like something you'd be interested in trying? Maybe learning more about? Take the opportunity to e-mail me at: stephaniekehrauthor[at]gmail[dot]com, and stay tuned for December's first writer showcase! If e-mailing isn't an option for you, leave a comment below with a way for me to contact you, or send a direct message to my Facebook Page.

I am super excited to begin working with you guys!

*offers a salute*

Until we meet again,


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