Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Diary,

November 19th, 2013

I don't have to take on associations. Christ has broken those chains.
I don't have to know everything. When the time comes, God will teach me what I need to know.
I don't have to be perfect. By grace have I been saved.
I don't have to have perfect faith. It takes time to grow a mustard seed.
I don't have to know what to say. Jesus has promised to give me the words.
I don't have to know God perfectly. His power is far beyond my wildest dreams, and He'll reveal Himself to me piece by piece.
I don't have to believe lies. Christ can fill me with truth.
I don't have to fear. God has promised to always take care of me. 

I just have to be faithful. 

Today I spent literally all day writing. I edited Reaching Home and wrote some for Kedar's Tower, although that seems to be a struggle at the moment. I still have some writing to finish up for that tonight.  

Okay, so I took a break from writing and made a few phone calls too. I'm talking with CollegePlus folks and getting ready to host Jonathan Brush on December 9th! 

Don't judge my phone. It fits my needs! :)


I have been listening pretty much all day. The harmony. Oh my goodness.

I wore this all day. Attractive, I know. But it's November, so.... 
Anyway, I really like the skirt. My mom and I went on a shopping trip as a treat after going to the doctor the other day, and we had a lot of fun. :)
Isn't my little white puppy cute? She follows me everywhere. Thus, she had to sit with me during the picture. At least it turned out...

My sister and I watched a movie made from an Amish Fiction book. As much as I dislike Amish fiction, the movie was actually pretty good. 

How did you spend this wonderful day?


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