Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A dairy-free anti-inflammatory NaNoWriMo recipe.

Sometimes you just need an extra creative boost. I find mine in either an open window, chocolate, or a smoothie. Today was definitely number-three day and my grandma was kind enough to donate a banana to my smoothie fund. *big, huge grin*  

But, my dearests, this isn't just a smoothie. This is a dairy-free anti-inflammatory purple banana smoothie. 
In other words, it's fabulousness in a cup.  

To make this artfully crafted spark of genius, I use the following ingredients:

* a Banana
* Frozen fruit of any way, shape, or form. I personally like blueberries.
* Ice
* Fruit juice or tea
* Pomegranate juice
* honey

Note: if you use flax, that's also totally acceptable. :)

Hail the beauty. 
Unfortunately, I don't measure when making smoothies, so I can't give you the exact count for everything. You're smart, though. I believe in you. :) Just throw in what makes sense. If you use straight pomegranate juice like I do, make sure you do something to counter its bitterness. I'll mix it with fruit juice or tea, or use an extra squirt of honey.   

The most depressing part about this is that it actually doesn't look purple in the picture, because our kitchen has bad lighting. But it really is purple, I promise! If you use blueberries, it's even more purple, so all the more reason for blueberries. Oh, and blueberries are anti-inflammatory. Genius!

If you're NaNoing like me this year, I would definitely encourage smoothie-making. It's so simple, so fun, and it's cold, so it's imagination-stimulating. Have I convinced you yet?

Have a wonderful day, all!


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