Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This Lovely Week

How has your week been? Here's a peek into mine... :)

I spent an afternoon sorting out some Paleo and Anti-inflammatory recipes. These recipes were given to me by a dear friend and they are a lifesaver!

Ice skating started up again! I've been some five times already, or something crazy like that. :) Shoot me an e-mail or come on out to the rink if you ever want to join me.

By the way, these skates were given to me by one of the dearest of dear people a.k.a., the skate fairy. 

Did some "decorating" as I just moved back into my bedroom. I've been in Laurie's for a while.

I've had so much fun with this polka-dotted dress! It makes for some fun combinations.

*sighs* I so love the Anne books. :)

This is the thesaurus I put on my ceiling last summer. I was going to continue with it this summer, but it didn't happen, sadly.

This is my duck friend. I got him from the doctor right after coming home from Aletheia Springs (you might say his apparel is slightly A.S. influenced). He doesn't have a name yet. Wanna name him? Write a suggestion in the comments below!

 I made tuna for lunch, hoping to start out paleo a little at a time, and I eat tuna all the time anyway. BUT....

The siblings don't make tuna as well as I do (apparently), so they all raided my bowl.

She's gonna love me for this.

....And they played with my tuna, too. :/

Then they ate my goldfish.

Lastly, I signed a contract with Ellechor Publishing House, in case you haven't heard it twenty times already. I'm kinda feeling like a Facebook celebrity. My goal: Don't let it get to my head. 

I am a normal person just like you! :)

So....What would you like to see more of on my blog? Leave a comment below!

For the Kingdom,



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