Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Comic Snippets of Life

I spent some time scribbling down a biography for guest posts and other things. I sent the biography to a friend. She read my last sentence:

Currently living with her homeschooling family of eight, [Stephanie] hopes to get married one day and move to an isolated cabin by the sea.

Then she exclaimed, "Wow, what a great way to find a spouse!!" 

.....I"m still laughing.  


I e-mailed someone for the first time in....way too long. His response, "Holy guacamole! Am I seeing things or did Stephanie Just e-mail me??!?"


Laurie: *brings up the topic of weddings*
Natalie: I'm not going to be in Stephanie's wedding. She'll make me wear pink and flowers and sashes, lace hoopskirts, and everything GIRLY. Yuck! 
Mom: Your brother's brides will want you as bridesmaids in their weddings too, no doubt. 
Steven: Hopefully Natalie will be mature enough to be girly by then! 


I posted this on Facebook:

The dogs have fleas. Joy to the world. Anyway, Mom gave them a flea-killing pill tonight. A little while later, she comes in my room laughing.
Mom: Rascal threw up his pill.
Me: Oh no...
Mom: So guess what?
Me: I don't know if I want to guess...
Mom: Well, since the pill is expensive and we can't buy another one, I decided to be thrifty and put parmesan cheese on Rascal's barf and he---! 

I refuse to finish mom's last sentence on Facebook, but you get the idea. 

My family is insane.

Also, this.

What has made you laugh this week?


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