Monday, August 26, 2013

Summertime Scribbling - Take Three

Annnd... Summer is almost over. I actually start school on Friday, so I'll have to come up with a more creative title for these blog posts. Suggestions anyone?


Sweet Mama gave Myra and me each a quarter for ice cream. We ran after the pink and white striped truck in a rave of excitement. I presented my precious quarter for a raspberry cone and Myra presented hers for a cotton candy bar. We looked at each other and exchanged grins. We thanked the ice cream man, who saluted me and gave Myra a little wink and then we turned on our heels and giggled softly as we skipped down the sidewalk to the park.
Then Clarence O’Dell ruined my day. I bumped into him when we turned the corner of Seventh Street. He stuck his tongue out at me, then pointed to Myra’s adorably freckled nose and snorted a laugh. With one swoop of his grubby little hand, her ice cream bar was on the ground in a pile of swirled cotton candy.
“How dare you, Clarence O’Dell!” I screamed so loud my voice cracked.
He turned to laugh at me this time. “Ha! You think your peewee little bones could stop me, Riley?” He folded his arms across his chest and glared at me. “I’d just like to see you try.”
With that I threw a knuckle sandwich right as his jaw. Too surprised to dodge the blow, Clarence stared in stunned silence. When my fist collided with bone there was a crack and he yelped like an injured puppy. “I’m gonna tell my Papa what you gone and done,” he said, slurring a few words together and caressing his jaw with both hands. It was already swelling big as a balloon.
“You go right on ahead,” I said, tucking my throbbing fist in my jacket pocket. “Here,” I turned to Myra. “You take my ice cream.”

Myra looked dejectedly at her own ice cream bar and took my cone with thanks. “But you should’a never done somethin’ like that,” she stared at me with her frightened blue eyes. “Mr. O’Dell’s gonna tan your hide!” 


I got the strangest rejection note from a publisher today. It was actually quite amusing...I laughed. 

For the Kingdom,


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