Sunday, August 4, 2013

Late Senior High Week -- Aletheia Springs C.E.C.


A foggy morning at Aletheia Springs. Isn't it gorgeous? I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take this shot.

Tanner Hall in the early morning before the students started rushing in.

Anna snapped a picture of one of the new sessionites. We call him Adam/Kyle. :)

Mandy in all her gorgeousness.

Missing Mr. Mederios and Miss Grace already! 
(Note: I was supposed to bring him brownies this week, but wasn't able to. Thankfully for me, he is extremely understanding.) 

Pretty Hannah and Anna! :)

Mandy and Sundance swapped name tags for the picture.

......And I got to spend a whole week with this awesome person...who I haven't seen in a whole year! Thankfully I almost have a driver's license, so the pattern is subject to change. 

When I left, Doc said he was going to have to go through "Stephanie withdraws." However, as I find myself back home again, I've realized that I'm going to be the one going through Aletheia Springs withdraws. :) Overall, it's been an amazing journey. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to work there this summer! 

For the Kingdom,


P.S. Dude, he's massive.

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