Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Day in the Twelfth Grade

Yes, of course the title is a VeggieTales reference. What do you expect? :P 

I got some books and CD's back from a friend and was quite excited. I took a few days before beginning school to listen to Brad Voller's Dynamic Memory and Study Skills for the third time. Ah, such good stuff! I highly recommend it.    

I might have a few books, a few flowers pressing, and about twenty bazillion notebooks up there. Actually, this is only half of my reading material. Writers have to be readers, too, that's all I can say.

Brand new pencils! Writing materials never cease to excite me. (:

I'm "organized." :) Score 35 points! 

More writing material. The cupcake pen is my favorite along with the highlighter that doesn't leak. One of my weird little 'quirks' is that I don't like to see leaky highlighters, highlighters of different colors, and shaky underlining. If you look in my Bible, everything is highlighted in dusty pink (which matches the cover and doesn't leak), and any underlining or note writing I've done is in black pen and drawn with a Sweet Frog sticker I use as a straight edge.    

Cupcake notes! Those are from NaNo 2011 and came with the cupcake pen. Kay and I are going to have to get some unique notes this year, too, as I believe she is out of cupcakes. 

I might be a CollegePlus student. Not that those CLEP books give any hints whatsoever.

I actually didn't do much for my first day of school this year. I had a college call with my coach, ordered some books, and finished up a few other things I needed to finish for the summer. I'll be starting a course in Social Justice on Tuesday and heading into Human Growth and Development when I'm done with that. My coach was really nice and helped me pick some easier subjects with less memorization for me to accomplish while I wait on medication to do its "thing." :P I am super excited and looking forward to a productive year, Lord willing!

For the Kingdom,



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