Sunday, June 23, 2013

To Be or Not to Be? But... Who Shall You Be?

Don't you just adore names and titles? One of my favorite aspects of novel writing is choosing names for my characters. It usually ends up being quite a process, too, because it takes me forever to make up my mind. I changed the main character's name in Rain Dancer at least five times... not to mention her sibling's names and the names of characters in Reaching Home. My two MC's ended up as Eden and Jennie, by the way. ;)

I've been working one of my latest novels over the past week, and I have quite the array of characters. Because this novel is fantasy, I've been choosing a great deal of weird and unusual names. Here are my current choices.

Main Characters: 
  * Male -- Solomon
  * Female -- Kedar (or Tirzah)

Kings and Rulers:
  * Brothers Shamir and Kartan, rulers of the Kingdom of Skotos.
  * Menan, ruler of the Kingdom of Pseudologos
  * Hattil, Ruler of the Kingdom of Apista
  * _____, Ruler of the Kingdom of Plesmone
  * Haradah, Ruler of the Kingdom of Phobeo

Other Important Individuals: 
  * Porter, Gatekeeper for Solomon's Kingdom, the Kingdom of Phos.
  * Zev, servant of King Menan, and deceiver of Kedar.
  * Melita, wife of King Shamir.
  * Jeshua, faithful servant of King Solomon.
  * Gershom, road traveler.
  * Chittim and ___, abusers of the servant, Kadar.
  * ____ and ___, Maidens and workers of the vineyards.
  * _____, Kedar's friend and adviser. 
What do you think of my choices? Obviously, I am going with the strange name trend for this novel and it's okay if you're not a fan. How do you go about naming your characters?

For the Kingdom....The Kingdom of Phos, that is. :)



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