Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Lovely Week

I started playing guitar again after having stopped for last month's editing. *sigh* strumming patterns and I do not get along. I will conquer them yet!

I've been messing with an alternative epilogue for Reaching Home. This shows a few of the paragraph options I've been playing with. 

This spider scared me out of my wits. My hand was about three inches away from grabbing that door handle.

I am actually quite enjoying stick shifts. I have been loving the ability to drive my seven water gallons down to the garden, rather than carrying a bunch of loads. 

My plants are finally starting to gain some height after this weeks rain. :) My flowers are budding, too. 

Since I've been driving to the field, shoes have been of no use to me. :)


I was looking for something relaxing to do. Naturally, I chose free-handing a map of Africa. 

This is the map I've been copying. I didn't draw it, I only had to color it in and label it for a school project a few years ago. I love maps. They provide so much scope for the imagination, to quote Anne Shirley. 

Mom found some web design material at the local book sale! :) So far I've only been doing review, but I did learn a thing or two about block quotes and XHTML. 

My picture files were in desperate need of organization attention (yes, I've gotten lazy). 

HANDPRINTS! Aren't they awesome? Everything about this picture is cool... except for the shadow in my face.

There is only one word worthy of describing these people. That is: awesome. 

(although, honestly, I really dislike the word "awesome")

Meet my three extra siblings. Can't you see the resemblance? Okay, maybe not. We have a different mom...and a different dad. So, my lovely sister in the purple has also written a book. *toggle eyebrows* Writing runs in the family.  

I haven't messed with graphics and pictures all school year. Finally summer has rolled in and I've actually started having fun with them again.

I don't know why I'm so awed by Robert Burns. It's probably his accent...or maybe his haircut. Either way, this man was talented. Here's my favorite verse of the week.

Sir Wisdom's a fool when he's fou;
Sir Knave is a fool in a session:
He's there but a prentice I trow,
But I am a fool by profession.

For the Kingdom,



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