Monday, May 20, 2013

This Lovely Week.... Or Month

....Still doing research for next year's group of students! Yeah, I've only tackled four out of ten books so far. Currently I'm working on assignments and how to tie them into lessons about personification, allegories, and such things. My favorite lessons are the ones that tie in both writing and Bible.

For Mother's Day we grilled some steaks. Steven wanted to show you his. *winks*

Another Mother's Day shot. The flowers... *sigh* 

Write a Soldier 2013! *grins* Some of this year's letters will go to encourage two soldiers just sent out to Afghanistan from Roanoke, Va. More on that later. 

So much many things to do... I can't wait!

This is Hollie. She's our new puppy. Three dogs?! Yes, that was Dad's idea...

But she's kind of cute anyway...and she follows me around everywhere. Even if she's napping, if I leave the room, she wakes herself up to follow.

More books! These are for my Indian research. Shawnee Indian research, to be precise. I still have a ton of books on Shawnees coming too. Yay. This is going to be an insane summer.

For the Kingdom,


P.S.My novel, Reaching Home is open for reading through the next month. If you think you can do a good job at critiquing it (both according to writing and spirituality), or you've just been itching to read it, leave a comment or shoot me an email. I'm looking for strong, healthy opinions from a selection of seven to ten teenage readers. 


  1. Love the pics, Stephanie! The humor, and especially the comment about lessons that tie in both writing and the Bible. Yes, yes, yes! The Bible writers employ many literary devices.

    Check out Psalms, Isaiah (full of them), and Ecclesiastes.

  2. Mrs. Rife --

    Thanks! Currently, one of my favorite biblical lessons involves the student wrapping a bandana over their mouth (or some such measure) and finding a safe time and place to spend an hour "wordless." They'll use this experience for the basis of their paper. I'm hoping it will teach them about the importance of kind words (or no words as an alternative) according to the book of James.